BiteyCastle Academy 2dFX Animation Course

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This is the entire 2dfx course from my website. It was a 14-month subscription course for $20/month, but now all 14 months are yours for whatever you want to pay.

What software is required?

None! Or any! This course teaches FX animation concepts and fundamental rules of physics and elemental phenomena as they apply to art and animation. You can use whatever software you like. Throughout the course I use a range of software for my demonstrations, but you can apply this knowledge to traditional as well as digital, 2d, 3d, stop motion, whatever your medium or genre!

Why am I giving this away for free?

I always wanted this course to be accessible and inexpensive, hence the original low price. Now though I've decided to open up the knowledge for whoever wants it, free of charge. Of course, if you want to pay anything, you'd be helping me create more tutorials and expand on what's already here. You'll get any future updates to the existing content free, regardless.

Why did I make the BCA FX course?

Even though I left my studio job to pursue my personal projects, over the years I've inevitably had to take on freelance studio work to pay my bills. As every freelancer knows, that leaves less time to work on personal projects. So I created this course to help keep me afloat while I work on my personal projects, such as the "Brackenwood" series.

Who even am I though?

Apart from my 29-year career in 2d animation and fx in games and film for such studios as Disney, Riot Games, EA and Bento Box, my personal work includes "Brackenwood", a series about "Bitey" the last of the Dashkin.

Here I am on imdb and wikipedia. My current focus is my personal project 'The Dashkin', a pilot episode intended as a pitch for a full series. Check out the trailer HERE!

I want this!

Each section is a "Level" of FX mastery, starting with the very basics of light, shadow and perspective, progressing to advanced elemental effects such as electricity, fire, smoke and water.

Software agnostic
Use whatever software you like! This is not a software course, but a foundational course in the real-world physics, timing and design of elemental effects, and how to create them in any media, whether traditional or digital, illustration, animation, 2D, 3D, stop motion
Over 21 hours of video
Step by step instructional video on how to animate effects from the very basics to the very complex.
Hundreds of examples
Hundreds of original illustrations, diagrams and reference images, as well as links to online examples
2.27 GB
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BiteyCastle Academy 2dFX Animation Course

254 ratings
I want this!